If you can't find a solution to your problems in our knowledgebase, you can submit a ticket by selecting the appropriate department below.

 Billing & Payments

Managing and resolving inquiries related to invoicing, payment processing, Specializing in addressing issues like payments not going through, pending payments, and multiple charges. Committed to ensuring accurate and smooth financial transactions for our subscribers.

 Subscription Management

Assisting with subscription upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and other account-related matters.

 Onboarding & Setup

Assisting new users in setting up their IPTV service, understanding features, and ensuring a smooth start.

 Channel Support

Your go-to for reporting issues with channels or requesting their removal. Committed to tailoring our IPTV service to better match your viewing preferences.

 General Enquiries

For all your questions and concerns about our IPTV service. Whether it's understanding features, exploring package options, or any other general query, we're here to help.

 Cancellation & Refunds

Dedicated to addressing your IPTV service termination and refund requests. Ensuring quick and efficient resolution for all subscription cancellations and associated refunds.


Resellers help/complaints/inquiries


Affiliate withdrawals/Inquiries